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the eye of dormandu

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the eye of dormandu

Postby loki » Sun Jan 08, 2017 7:31 am

few years ago i created a magical box and i took laws for this box with the magical hammer of loki lazuul nazuul azuul.
after a few hours the magical box was ready.
then i started naming [powers like aslak azuul kimdak rodak rodak razim i sacrifice to my box.
after i had done that for a few days i send the box to a magical door i said the formula to open a door of the kingdom of dormandu.
and i controlled my box to get for me THE EYE OF DORMANDU.
the box killed all the enemies it was attacked ofcourse the eye of dormandu is verry good protected.
i said out loud names and names and names and guided the box to the place where THE EYE OF DORMANDU was kept.
i retrieved THE EYE OF DORMANDU.
when the box returned it was heavily cursed but i managed to get the eye of dormandu.
i sacrificed the eye of dormandu to my 3th eye.

dormandu is death magic.
dormandu can make mummy souls from bodies that are dead.
the magical world of loki lazuul nazuul azuul is full of magical relics that must be retrieved.
god has created magical doors
if someone says the formula to open the door, the door to the kingdom of dormandu opens for example.
my blood is full of relics thats why is speak such a weird language.
asimitra asamitra i summon the guardian of azit kingdom of light for example
i have a magical alchemist body full of relics and sorcery spells.
i am grandmaster in black and white magic.

the eye of dormandu enhances my 3th eye its needed to look deep into magical kingdoms and doors.
god has created the eye`s of dormandu to give powerfull sorcerers a relic.
my soul says a magical word and my body repeats that word.
thats my system.

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