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matter and energy

A place where any form of magic and stories/experiences related may be discussed. This is also appropriate to discuss general Omnimancy principles, of course.

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matter and energy

Postby Mica » Fri Sep 09, 2016 9:55 pm

One of the things I appreciate about the Omni group is an approach to magic that investigates the "physics" of energy and the astral, approaching it as a science and technology, taking it to new heights. Regardless of the results one is wishing to obtain, there is the feel of how Tesla might have felt as he learned about electricity, and how to manipulate electricity itself to new, undreamed of potentialities. He discovered weird, new things that could be done with it, such as how to broadcast it like radio waves, and building a fuel-less generator, or unipolar motor. Too often in magic, one sees practitioners interested only in the results (and all the fancy equipment and cool aesthetics), and not in the laws that made those results possible.

As Lord Art said
It [G7+] allows a more fundemental understanding of the multiverse, and therefore a greater control (and obviously more power). If that isn't your thing, then besides blowing people up, it isn't for you. For me, understanding why and how things work is VERY important, and for many Omnis it is too. You start to be able to do fundemental things you simply couldn't do before or even concieve of before, which is the point.

This kind of feeling, and this quest for knowledge, is what led me to the practice of laboratory alchemy, although many people talking about alchemy have very confused ideas about it. Trust me when I say that like Omni, the methodology of alchemy is very precise, and very hard to crack without adequate training. Perhaps I'll start a thread about alchemy, as I think that Omni and alchemy could learn a lot from talking to each other. Although I consider myself a beginner in alchemy and an outsider to Omni, so that conversation through me would be very limited.

Now, one of the things I read about on this forum was a discussion of the astral biology of incarnate and discarnate spirits, with a clarification that Omnimancers have been able to penetrate their vision/capabilites VERY deep into energy body in order to perceive and access what was called the "superstructure." This superstructure, from what I understand, serves as the basis for "hard-magic;" it's like the bones of the astral, as opposed to the more superficial flesh (if I'm understanding correctly?) My question is to what degree has there been any research done and understanding gained of matter itself from an energetic point of view? I saw one thread that I haven't finished reading through yet that there has been some research done in the relationship between the physical and the astral for the purpose of things like PK. Has this research borne out a deeper understanding of matter and energy, or matter as energy? What I'm asking isn't so much what success has there been with things like PK, but more in terms of what insights may have been gained about the nature of and relationship between the atomic and the energetic/astral. The "laws" governing things.
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