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Josephine McCarthy

A place where any form of magic and stories/experiences related may be discussed. This is also appropriate to discuss general Omnimancy principles, of course.

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Josephine McCarthy

Postby Mica » Fri Sep 09, 2016 5:55 pm

Just thought the Omni folks here would appreciate this video of Josephine McCarthy speaking about magic. This woman is awesome! An adept, wise-woman, and author. She has released an entire course of magic online for free, and in terms of sheer quantity, it is about ten books' worth of material. In terms of quality, it is beyond measure, and, having read through some of it, I don't doubt that the Quareia course will have a profound impact on the Western Esoteric Tradition in the years to come.
Anyway, I just thought what she had to say here was of relevance to the Omni way of seeing things.

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