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Telekinesis and tech

A place where any form of magic and stories/experiences related may be discussed. This is also appropriate to discuss general Omnimancy principles, of course.

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Telekinesis and tech

Postby Sark » Mon Dec 07, 2015 5:48 am

So I have read up on the tech I could and recently I have been practicing telekinesis as it were mainly trying to manipulate energy on various levels to interact in an almost magnetic way with the atomic structure of the paper I am trying to move. I have had success in the past but had to abandon such projects before due to other pressing issues now however I have a lot more time but I am practically starting over except what I can analyze from memories. Though I tried a more specific approach of creating a neural interface last night while I practiced to monitor where the effort was being used and during the night build up those areas and make them easier to activate and stronger. Then tonight I made an amp to focus in on energy projected to the object and duplicate by transmuting energy from the earth into the same and then condensing it down to as near a physical vibration level as I could. The results were minor but noticeably better than all the other practice sessions I manage to cause a sort of noticeable vibration/shaking of the paper then a wobble in it.
I am wondering if anyone else has tried this and how it worked for them and any advice on better fine tuning the system?
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