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A place where any form of magic and stories/experiences related may be discussed. This is also appropriate to discuss general Omnimancy principles, of course.

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Postby Obsidian » Fri Mar 30, 2012 2:33 am

So it's been said that the soul can be 'different' but I'm wondering whether anyone has experienced any physical, living creatures that they would describe as 'different'.

Throughout history and through all different cultures there exists various legends. Ancient ones like the yeti, werewolves, vampires (which seem to exist in all cultures), the skin-crawler/doppleganger, wendigo.. I've done a fair bit of research into these supposed 'supernatural' creatures and my mind isn't made up yet. I DO find it quite strikingly odd that cultures that arose completely independent of one another seem to describe the same creatures over and over again but there could be other reasons for that.

And then there's the modern-day monsters. The Mothman springs to mind.

Has anybody on these boards, Omni or not, experienced a 'supernatural' creature physically? For those that are more sensitive, have you meet or encountered anything physically with energy that is vastly different from a standard human? Has anyone had purely energetic encounters with these kinds of creatures?

Personally, I would find it quite surprising if something 'different' DIDN'T exist. An evolutionary throw-back, a forgotten tribe that has developed in extraordinary ways, a single mutation that creates an unexpected result.. Anyone else have opinions?
"Nothing is more amazing than getting the shit kicked out of you by something you didn't believe existed" - David.
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Re: Creatures

Postby miri » Fri Mar 30, 2012 3:03 am

It's not quite the same, but I have spoken with a few people from a particular city who claimed to have encountered a near-physical playfully malevolent creature/entity. I treated one of them for (non-physical) damage it was reported to have caused them. They claimed to have experienced it both physically and non-physically. It apparently appeared as an anthropomorphic cat.

As for truly physical animals that didn't seem quite normal, I once had a sit down with a mountain lion, I was within perhaps ten to fifteen feet of it, and it just kept me company for a bit before wandering off. It wasn't blatantly "supernatural" by any means, but its behavior certainly seemed unusual, and I've felt a strong affinity for the animals since well before that encounter. I also once encountered a large black dog that behaved strangely and seemed to be going in and out of existence/perceptibility intermittently. That time I was not alone, and not the only one to experience it, though only three of the four of us did experience it. The dog seemed more-or-less disinterested in us. The dog would remain visible for several seconds, clearly, enter a shadow just dark enough for it to blend in, then apparently disappear, only to come out of a different shadow further on. This would have required crossing a well-lit road at times. I've not given the event a great deal of thought, in part because I found it very seriously unnerving at the time, and retrospect merely makes the event seem easier to write off as misperception, despite the consensus at the time.
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Re: Creatures

Postby DrWeird » Fri Sep 07, 2012 1:28 am

Cant say as Ive ever met up with a truely physical Crypto (at least not that I could tell). Definatly Ive run across some interesting non-physical critters. And I have a "dog" thats been with me for a very long time usually out of the corner of my eye or a feeling of "dogness" that stays near.
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Re: Creatures

Postby RaShaw » Sat May 14, 2016 12:09 am

I'm still learning so I have not experienced anything my self, not physically or in any sense energy based. I may have who knows, perhaps in a dream or something, but until I know the difference between imagination and this reality, then I could never give a full report on it..

I am however trying to study and research as much as I can on creatures, demons, spirits, ect from cultures from around the world. I know this group is very much based within its own structures and that there are things I have yet to experience and being I've yet to talk to..but I thinking having some knowledge in the paranormal/supernatural prior to stepping into this could potentially be beneficial. You can contrast what the ancients wrote about and told stories of, with that of what you may possibly experience yourself.
Also gives you a good bases for when you do ecounter somethjng and may not know immediately what it is; hit the books or your notes and find out :D
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Re: Creatures

Postby Breetai » Thu Jun 28, 2018 5:10 pm

I know this is an old topic, but I have.

I've seen what is often referred to as a "Grey Alien", from a few feet away. Before I knew it was there, I had an overwhelming but artificial sense of fear, which is often described with human encounters with these guys.
I'm wired a little bit different than most people(possibly from military mindset), so my reaction to fear is to run to it, and not away. I think this breaks what people are programmed to do, if a little.
I literally was chasing this "sense of fear" throughout my house. I'm pretty sure regular 3rd dimensional physics don't apply do these guys, the walls didn't seem to be much of a barrier, as after a few minutes of this, he/she was looking at me through window, in broad daylight.

Nothing prepares a person for this. Lucky for me, I suppose, he/she was as surprised as I was, and booked it.
The way she goes lol
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