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Scanning Techniques and Mechanisms

A place where any form of magic and stories/experiences related may be discussed. This is also appropriate to discuss general Omnimancy principles, of course.

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Scanning Techniques and Mechanisms

Postby FireEssence » Wed Aug 31, 2011 11:39 am

One of the most important skills in energy-based magic is inevitably, scanning/applied-sensing. Whether attempting to deconstruct the makeup of a spell, understand an astral effect, get an understanding of "biological" systems, et al., one must be able to receive data from their astral senses and interpret it accurately. In the broad array of magical traditions out there, and even less structured modes of practice (psionics, Chaos magic, etc.) one can find numerous techniques for how to go about performing such feats. My question is, given the focus of Omnimancy upon the development of mystical senses, is there a definite methodology behind it or is it done fluidly ("just do it"?

Recently, I have had made some definite gains in my applied-senses, however, I am still using a very basic "just look" sort of technique. I am currently in my last "real" semester before attaining my Bachelors degree and one of the classes I am taking is a microbiology course-- in basic review, we covered the multiple varieties of microscopy out there and why each has different strengths. This made me consider the application of actual technique upon scanning (bombard a shield with low-wavelength "unprogrammed" energy and 'read' the feedback; coat a structure in micro-materials which react to specific frequencies of energy; use a technique to measure energetic "radiation" and how it may correspond to structure, purpose, or mechanism, etc). While I have yet to experiment with specific methods, I theorize that with Omnis focus on the development of senses and the multiple levels of analysis which are done in some areas, that perhaps the group as a whole is taught or utilizes a variety of specific "scanning techniques" based upon what they are looking for versus "just doing it", as many lower-level practitioners tend to do.

Thoughts? Responses? Even if Omni does not actively utilize specific scanning techniques, is this because they find that one can subconsciously perform just fine, or has it never been considered to come up with more structured methods?
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Re: Scanning Techniques and Mechanisms

Postby LordArt » Thu Sep 01, 2011 1:45 am

Sensing is very much the cornerstone of Omni. It is paramount actually for pretty much everything we do.

Initially what is taught is simply being about how to access one's magical senses. Kind of the "just do it" since that is the most natural and basic, but we have techniques to bring that out far easier and allow for practice to improve.

What we've found is it's not good enough to be able to see something, but be able to interpret WHAT one sees. As the training goes on, it isn't just a blob of energy, but as one understands what is being looked at, it becomes clearer and more identifiable. I've used the example elsewhere with a lay-person popping the hood of a car, seeing just a block of metal with cables running all over. A Mechanic will see parts because he knows what he's looking at.

As a student goes up in training, they get better and better amps, which in turn gives better and better senses. Meaning, smaller details are more noticeable. This is still limited by understanding what is being viewed, but that is part of the training anyways.

There are techniques taught to get a higher resolution scan on something, or to scan more stealthfully, etc. Even a means to use external apparatus to get very hi-res and persistent data, which is usually used for high-end healing, but other things as well. Sometimes a spell has an easier time seeing something than stock senses do. Even things like simulators to try to understand and manipulate what has been scanned. Such a thing is useful to try things without the "Oops" factor. So yes, there are structured methods, but they are taught more in the advanced set of topics. However, most of the time, unless the circumstances require better, most Omnis use their own senses in the "Just Do It" mode and rely on the Amps and similar spells to enhance that means.
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Re: Scanning Techniques and Mechanisms

Postby watson » Fri Jun 08, 2018 6:16 am


Does magic contains paranormal activity?? Can you guys explain it??

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Re: Scanning Techniques and Mechanisms

Postby circlesquared » Sat Jun 09, 2018 5:11 pm

Can you explain what you mean by "paranormal activity"?
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