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Construct Verification as well as hello , I'm new

A place where any form of magic and stories/experiences related may be discussed. This is also appropriate to discuss general Omnimancy principles, of course.

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Construct Verification as well as hello , I'm new

Postby MalumVir » Tue Dec 14, 2010 3:10 am

Hello ,

I was directed here with a question that I had and after reading through the main pages and abilities of this group it seemed like the right spot.

I wouldn't say that I am new to Magic but I feel like I am just beginning. At the tip of the Iceberg so to say. As such I experiment and dabble but verification from a reliable source is difficult to come by.

Something I have attempted is creating what would essentially be an energy amplification device that works like a physical world repeater that is used in the telecommunication industry. It takes the energy/signal you send into and utilizes an external energy source , in this case leylines of the earth. By default it accesses one off the coast of Florida. The source can be changed by the user by visualizing a cord or tether connecting to the other source. It Then attempts to amplify the intensity of the signal to match the flow of energy coming out of the source.

What I did was create a series of sigils for the various parts of the construct .Then I created the first construct by piecing these together. And finally created a sigil that would attempt to construct one in the users energy field .

This is my first attempt at anything of this nature and I would like to verify that it works and isn't just a placebo. So I am asking if anyone on here can do that.
This is probably child's play to you people but I would appreciate any input , positive or negative , that you have to offer.


To use it :

Focus on the sigil and send it energy
After the proper amount of energy is sent in the construct assembles itself and lets you know it was made.
To use it all you do is focus your energy through the construct to the object you would normally be sending it to.
Once you have it made it is supposed to stay their unless you remove it.

The sigil was made so others could easily access this if it worked out well.
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Postby LordArt » Thu Jan 06, 2011 12:23 pm

Sorry no one has replied until now. In my case, this was JUST before the holidays and it's only really settled down nowish.

The problem with personal symbolism is that it needs to be decoded. We can do that, but it is a little more invasive to do such a translation and I'm not going to do such a thing to you without your consent. A live version of the spell would work too, which is likely what I'll have to end up using if it exists. Hopefully you cast it somewhere along the line. Otherwise I'll have to try to reverse enginneer your symbolism based on the spell work and the energy you give off which is imperfect.

Based on what I was able to pick up, I made the follow modifications:


The improvements are as follows:
Your original amp coated the incoming signal (energy stream to be amped) but it wasn't well defined. Meaning, it was drowned more in power than in replication of the signal. Also, the spell really only worked on things that were in front of the caster rather than being enveloping. The last part was the anchoring to the power source as well as the end spell itself was weak. Meaning, fluxations would cause random increases and decreases in effectiveness of the overall spell.

I can't guarentee that my visual mods to your sigil will do that I described, but it should. I can only make it based on your casting style and what you put out, but such a thing is very imperfect using such methods. But I work with what I have.

I use to do things via sigils and runes back in the day. As things got more complex and starting to teach others with different symbolism, it became impractical. It became far easier to explain things in terms of live spell energy so that symbol translation was eliminated as a factor. But in cases of online versus in person, the choices are more limited.
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Postby MalumVir » Sun Jan 23, 2011 1:06 am

Wow , well , that's a better response than what I was expecting.
Please feel free to do whatever you wish to it. It's something I was toying around with and someone told me that this group was the ideal place to ask about something of this nature. It's a first attempt so my expectations weren't super high to begin with.
Decode , make modifications and give me constructive criticism all you like. Pretty much anything is appreciated.
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