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Mental Projection

A place where any form of magic and stories/experiences related may be discussed. This is also appropriate to discuss general Omnimancy principles, of course.

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Postby red30 » Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:04 pm

Psionics is supposed to give you psychic abilities. Now if you doing energy work as in healing like reiki then yes you get some physical effects. The same way dmils works. You direct your energy and intent into the person you wish to effect, if they are sensitive to energy they will be effected. The more sensitive to energy a person the more dramatic the effect. Most non energy workers just get a creeped out feeling. I've never came across someone who could knock someone back a few feet using pure energetic force.
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Postby 4min33sec » Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:10 pm

Ok. Well, I have been physically incapacitated by several different Omni-style tech spells. My wife has blown up the water pump in our car. We've both caused rather large effects in the weather, stopping and starting rain, etc. And so on, and so forth.

We're not shooting fireballs from our fingertips, no. But we've certainly gotten "real effects," by any reasonable definition of "real."

So based just on your definition below, I have to suggest that perhaps your expectations don't necessarily match how these things work in practice.

As Crowley said, if you want to break a glass, you can sing a high "C" and shatter it with your voice. But it's still easier to just drop it on the floor...
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Postby Obsidian » Fri Oct 22, 2010 9:28 am

As both an ex-Psion and someone who's had dealings with Omni, I've got a few things I would like to add.

The term 'psionics' is bandied around a lot but rarely with a solid definition so I'm going to lay down my personal definition to start with.

I define it as using one's own internal energy, imprinted with programming, to achieve a desired effect. Programming I'm defining as a set of instructions (duh!) that can be step-by-step or broad. I'll go into the programming in more detail shortly.

When I first begun psionic training I had very limited senses. That is, I had trouble feeling, seeing and influencing energy, had trouble picking up thoughts and emotions from people and containing my own thoughts and emotions.

As I developed these abilities I had what I would consider very 'real effects'. I could read people's emotions, pick up some random thoughts, make people feel what I wanted them to feel. I could project thoughts or sensations at people (such as making them feel like they'd been splashed in the face with water), I could get people's attention at a long distance (psionically 'poking' someone so they'd read my email or such) as well as making them glance over their shoulder constantly at something that wasn't there, which is the 'creeped out' feeling I think you mean.

Those 'abilities' were all related to two things. My ability to recieve and interret energetic information and my ability to project my will into energy and have it achieve a desired outcome.

Eventually it got to the point where I was picking up too much emotionally information or stray thoughts, etc. Crowded places became a source of fear because of the head pains I would get, people being angry/mad at me would make me feel physically uncomfortable (whether I was in their presence or not), other people being upset would reduce me to tears, etc.

I'd effectively opened my psychic 'eyes' (for want of a better word) wide, and couldn't close them. I had to learn to shield myself, which is a very well-known concept in all magic circles.

My method was to project my energy into a bubble around myself and, depending on the mood/mindset I was in, I would fashion it into a super-hard mirror, allowing my energy to escape and deflecting other people's energy away. Making one of those shields would take me anywhere between 5 minutes and half an hour, with the quality often directly related to the time/effort.

Example programming (in simple terms):
'Structure' (mirror, absorption, deflection, passive barrier, filter, etc.)
Then into the what, when and how. I would have to be very specific because leaving out certain important 'lines' of programming could (and did) have very nasty effects.
Duration as the final.

All of that, as said, would take me a while dependant on my concentration, how I was feeling, etc.

That again gave me a very real effect. I no longer suffered the head pains, the emotionally rollercoaster, the random intrusive thoughts, etc.

Over the years that I've known Omni I've picked up a few tips and tricks and, to put it in context, I could create that exact shield that I described above (or something much, much more complex) as quickly as I could snap my fingers.

The fully-formed information is already tucked away in the dark recesses of my mind. To me, it feels like opening a computer program vs. writing a script.

If I want protection, I go to my protection folder and select the appropriate 'file'.
Offensive, same procedure. Tricks and cantrips are stored in there, stuff that I know other people can feel and sense, etc.

Something else that can be done is take little pieces from one spell or another and stick them together in different ways.
Example: "God, don't rain until I get home. Pleasseee!"
Formula: Little bit of event manipulate, little bit of power boosting, little bit of something special (and it's often the 'something special' that gives Omni it's real power).

I still use the psionic method from time to time because my grasp and control of 'tech' isn't at a level I'm competent or confident with for some things. Something totally new I'll break it down to the basic levels but my base level will include tech to gather energy, tether, solidify, etc.

Psionics DID start out as a scientific approach. Back in the days of PsiPog, there were people who worked for repeatable, reliable results. And they achieved them. Unfortunately what you have nowadays is a lot of people with some psionic training (more or less than myself) and a head full of various other influences. Some of them are beneficial, some aren't. The use of physical tools, for example, was considered a 'crutch' back when I started. There are a few people who use them to great effect but that (to me) isn't the point of Psionics. Psionics did away with the diagrams, the rituals, the wands and incense.

Moving on from Psionics to Omnimancy:

As far as real effects go, I've had more than one (and far too many) situation end with me seriously, physically incapacitated. The magic that was being used was so many orders of magnitude higher than anything my psionics could work against and it probably would have destroyed me (if not for the intervention of others).

More positive effects I've outlined above. I can manipulate the weather to a small degree, traffic lights, trains, car parks, thoughts and emotions, etc. They aren't gusts of wind or knocking people over but they're real for me. And I do know Omnimancer's who could knock anyone on their ass with a spell >.<

4:33's definition of going from A to Z without passing through the other letters holds very true for me. You CAN choose to pass through them but you don't have to EVERY TIME to get the desired results. Watching a spell in operation can teach you a whole lot but there's always going to be times when you need it *clicks fingers* now and don't have the time to mentally control every step.

When it's those times it's very literally 'Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200'. I want this to happen now and happen now it does.

Again, to borrow my own analogy. I can boot up the program in my computer and get the effects immediately. I don't need to write a script out.

If you're at the point where you can instantly create things because you've made them enough before, it's quite possible you're using tech. Your Inner (Omni-term. Like the 'subconscious mind' but different) could be opening the program you're requesting that quickly it IS an instantaneous effect.

The way to take it one step further is to see if you can re-configure those spells/constructs/powers into something new and interesting.

.. I've probably blabbed on about stuff everyone knows for long enough so I digress.

As has been explained, the concept of Mental Projection here is more akin to Astral Projection than your definition, Red. If I'm understanding right, you very literally mean the projection of your mental powers for a result.

We (Omni and others) use the term Mental Projection to mean transferring a part of your consciousness into your astral body and projecting part of that over a distance to achieve whatever goals you desire. A complex description for something that's literally as easy as 'popping over' to have a look at something.

If my understanding of MP is wrong, I would greatly appreciate an Omni to correct me. If it's wrong I've been labouring under false pretences >.< Haha.

I guess at the end of the day trying to say one magic system is better than another is a massive penis-swinging competition.

Some people love the scientific, tech approach and raw power of Omni.
Some people prefer the more 'psychic' approach of Psionics (which, again if I'm wrong, has more success in some limited areas than Omni-style magic).
Some people don't want a bar of either of those approaches and go for Ritualistic magic.
Some again love the group magic circles and whatever practices they entail.

It's all relative to the person. I've found the power and techniques of Omnimancy to be my flavour. I do so love some Psionic effects that I've been unable to replicate with external energy but Omnimancy works for me. It might for you too, if you give it time. Arguing that it's better or worse will get no-one no-where.

(The above is all my own thoughts, opinions and experiences. I'm not an Omni student and don't wish to be seen as expressing an opinion for Omnimancy)
"Nothing is more amazing than getting the shit kicked out of you by something you didn't believe existed" - David.
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