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Questions, speculation, and other stuff.

A place where any form of magic and stories/experiences related may be discussed. This is also appropriate to discuss general Omnimancy principles, of course.

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Re: Questions, speculation, and other stuff.

Postby Sark » Mon Jul 24, 2017 2:33 am

So it has been a few months and I am curious. How did it all go? I have some ideas and observations of my own though how I would phrase things to accurately describe it is challenging I feel I might be looking at it on too large a scale as far as the interactions go though. I could compare it to conservation of energy and such but I still feel like I lack the proper terms.
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Re: Questions, speculation, and other stuff.

Postby Circuitman » Mon Jul 24, 2017 10:39 pm

Alright, so I wasn't able to get a second experiment done with a second group (very busy at meetings lately), so here's the observations of the first group in my words:

One volunteer did a simple spell to affect the weather and we all attempted to track where the energy went. This was a group of maybe six people, not quite certain. So we saw the energy... I guess you could say that it dissolved into the underlying fabric of the universe. In essence, this energy left the astral realm and became a part of the background. It's sort of like if you imagine both the astral and the physical as an ongoing play, the energy went into the set pieces. A large percent of the energy didn't dissolve and it just dissipated back into the ambient astral it originally came from so it's clear that this isn't the most efficient process but it was raw will so, go figure. The energy that did dissolve into the background was able to effect the desired change, or at least attempt to. When you trace things further we found that the energy expended in spell casting eventually re-enters the universe proper through what I described as white holes.

That's basically what we observed, with some bits left out because they're not for public consumption.
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