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my system of magic

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my system of magic

Postby loki » Sun Jan 08, 2017 7:49 am

my system of magic is based on a few things including the theory of the soul.
each person has a BA inside your ba is your soul and a DISK your ka.
each person has a MAA this is located on top of your skull.
your soul is always inside your ba.

i have magical relics inside my ba and inside my soul.

my soul says a sorcery word and my body repeats this word.
for example: lozuum azim araka em norka i sacrifice to my ba
this is a magical sorcery spell spoken by my soul.
or i say noctum shalok open the door of arkan
this is my system of magic.
my soul gives to my body the words i need to say todo magic.
i open doors
sacrifice powers to my ba,ka,maa and soul and body.
thats my system of magic.

the magic of loki lazuul nazuul azuul sorcerer.
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