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Astral Biology?

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Postby LordArt » Wed Nov 22, 2006 4:46 pm

Atazaxixar wrote:
Atazaxixar wrote:Quote:
And here's a question for ya :O, have you ever considered searching deep within your inner being "soul if you will" to bring it up closer? I believe it also connects to the very deep hard majik component of the deep end of astral form which was touched on in another post, but by bringing the core of yourself up closer the energy is transmitted to yourself with virtually no loss and does what I think may be the equivelent of at least a g4 .

LordArt wrote:That's nothing new. The concept or else least end result of what is going on, isn't too dissimular to some of the principles in G5 and higher. However, keep in mind that that G5 and what you're refering doesn't give you more power, but does give you more resolution. Perhaps from your perspective it gives you more power, but that's a result of better resolution versus actually more power. As we put it "Artificial Skill" vs "Artificial Power".

Atazaxixar wrote:Perhaps I ought to clarify , it's not necessarily bringing it closer it's more of an adaptation of being able to tap into it and the "knowledge gained from "previous lives/experiences" that enables more power via knowledge not actually using the power of the soul itself. Sorry, was bad wording on my part, communication on these things tend to falter with languages, it's as if the concepts behind the words don't transfer.

Umm, how did you go from "bringing the core of yourself up closer the energy is transmitted to yourself with virtually no loss and does what I think may be the equivelent of at least a g4" to you were refering to a knowledge transfer? I agree that even in a verbal medium it is hard to translate magical concepts correctly. The problem is, as you know, there isn't a proper vocabulary for things, let alone really solid definitions for things that are the point of reference for understanding.

As far as "knowledge gained in previous lifetimes", that's what an inner is (and that IS posted). One can talk to that part of yourself rather easily. (Hence part of why Omni exists the way it does) To me, a soul is simply a reactor, so "getting closer" wouldn't yield what you are refering (but this is an issue of definitions of terms). Getting closer to my inner doesn't mean much to me because my inner is me and I am him. I cast at the level that I'm aware of via my understanding and training. "Getting closer" to my inner won't change that. Much of what I cast requires that part of myself's understanding over my lower conconcious understanding of it anyways. The concept of "getting closer to one's inner" sounded like a wonderful idea back in the day until I understood what that really meant. It is to my advantage to keep things the way they are. Admittedly, I may have already accomplished what you're reffering to a while ago and just don't see it that way considering how I cast and the definition of terms I use. Those students who do bother to research seem to end up in a simular situation with their inners, since such research normally requires far more understanding than what a lower "knows".

Atazaxixar wrote:how about a little device that has a listing of all the known energy types that "the maker of it" has ever encountered, used in one way or another and generate a large quantity of that amount of energy within seconds of about 95% purity ratio by creating a dimensional bubble "warp" if you will from the actual sourcing where the vast majority of it can be found, made of about 22,000 components :P.

Well, number of components doesn't make something better or worse. It just makes it more complex, which sometimes is the only way to do certain things admittedly. (At least until a better simpler way is known)

Getting a list of all the energies that a caster has encountered isn't too difficult, all you need is a knowledge bot to scan an individual temporally to get the points of encounter. (Not really sure what would be the point of such a scan/list except to see if you encountered something you're looking at currently before).

If you refer to the "it" in "Maker of it" to be the original creator of an energy type, the same bot could be applied to them to get the same information about them (barring their defenses about such things vs your abilities).

It's probably best to define your terms.

To me, there is break in logic that says simple identification of energy to producing "large quanitities" of said energy. If you're simply converting a existing energy stream to this other kind of energy, that's simply transmutation. That still doesn't account for the source of energy to transmute in the first place. If the identification infers the "source" of said energy type, that doesn't mean that source is able to be tapped on to be drawn on in the first place, let alone guarenteeing any sort of yield.

A Dimentional Bubble perhaps can be used as a scoop to extract energy from a pool (like a ladel), or could be used to store said energy once aquired. A Dimentional tunnel could be used to conduct said energy from point a to b, which is like the dimentional "lava tubes" I mentioned in another post briefly.

I trying to see the point but the terms are too vague. Perhaps that's the point. I personally don't see how identification of an energy, even it's source, is going to help too much. I've used "elemental" planes of energy for energy too, but not since like g3/g4 days, and only then for specific effects, not for general powering (at least in and of itself). The yield was too low for what was being done.

Atazaxixar wrote:I'll have to say one thing, after getting caught up on quite a few of the posts and from catching the little tidbits you've dropped and/or some of the others I've been applying various aspects with interesting results :D

I'm glad the threads are educational. I suppose that's the point. :)
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Postby ChaoticMind » Mon Dec 04, 2006 3:41 pm

Just looking at previous posts... isn't it weird how all omnimancers are slightly sadistic?... How strange...
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Postby Paramemetic » Fri Oct 12, 2007 12:34 am

Arthur, I'd just like to let you know how pleased I am to see other people who realize that to some things Elsewhere, we're the spirits and they're the incarnate things. It certianly verifies that we have similar experiences with Weirdworld and as such it verifies independently our perceptions of Elsewhere. But that aside, I'm just glad other folks recognize that there are sometimes places where the "spirits" here are physical and we, the physical things here, are spirits. Not the rule but at least a good thing to acknowledge.

A lot of folks seem to think that this is physical, that's astral, and that's all there is to it, without realizing that in some areas of astral, that's actually physical, it's just not this physical, and when we're there, we're spirits...etc. You know what I'm saying. And that pleases me.
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