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Ark of Truth- Star Gate movie

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Ark of Truth- Star Gate movie

Postby LC » Mon Mar 24, 2008 9:29 pm

ok if you didn't see the movie, dont read any further, it may (YES it actually does) have some spoilers.

OK still reading, good, well I just saw the 2 hour movie from Stargate, the SG1 Ark of Truth movie. Honestly a bit disapointed. It was like a VERY long episode and not really a movie. And the whole thing was a cross between SG and Indiana Jones with trying to find and use the Ark. It did have a small twist in there that i did like but it was an hour and 20 mts into the movie before it happened. They threw like every recent bad guy that was in Stargate into this movie. No one stood out like a hero. It didn't feel like SG1 on a mission, more like SG1- tired of saving the Universe- AGAIN

Over all giving the movie 3 spells up. LOL
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