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I beg of you!

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I beg of you!

Postby Obsidian » Fri Sep 14, 2007 6:55 am

For those who aren't aware, I'm a vocalist. My hero's include Axl Rose, Sebastian Bach and the undisputed king of Rock'N'Roll, Robert Plant.

As I'm sure (or I hope) most of you are aware, Led Zeppelin are reforming for a show in London later this year. To get a ticket you must submit a ballot and hope your name is selected.

This show would mean everything to me.

I'm in the draw and I've come to a decision. It tossed around in my head a lot but I realised that, in the end, I'd be doing myself an injustice by not asking.

Can someone, anyone, everyone please cast something to make (or help increase the chances of) my name be drawn from the ballot so I can purchase a ticket and attend the show? I would give anything to go and I mean that.

Please don't think this is me attempting to abuse your abilities or anysuchthing. I'm just hoping, praying, that any edge I can get will help me in my goal. I would do anything to go to that show (within reason, but only just) and if there's anything I can do or give to anyone for assistance...

Basically, I'm begging =)
"Nothing is more amazing than getting the shit kicked out of you by something you didn't believe existed" - David.
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