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How My Christian Mom Shielded My Empathy:

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How My Christian Mom Shielded My Empathy:

Postby Syntax » Mon Mar 17, 2008 6:08 pm

Or why you should be careful giving permission to prayers and prayer groups.

I am recounting this story for entertainment and as a warning. After my dad died, my very Christian mom and me went through some trying times. With some effort, she and I managed to regroup and come back together as a family. One of the major ways that this was accomplished was through dialog. As much as possible, we talked things out, good or bad. I had gotten into the habit of discussing much of my life to her instead of hiding aspects of myself that didn't agree with her beliefs.

On one of these occasions, I decided to tell her about my experiences with empathy. I told her of feeling other people's emotions and physical pains. At first she was quite amused in that, "You aren't serious," sort of way. When it became apparent that I was, she preceded to tell me it was all in my head and not to worry about it. About three days later, I realized that I was no longer able to feel the emotions of others or their physical pains.

All of my shields came down in response. I thought I might have made a personal blunder. It's not uncommon for me to put up a shield that does something stupid, and I had just been experimenting with one. The problem was still there. I scanned myself only to find a weird squid like construct that was seemingly blocking my empathic ability. Through some deduction and magic, I managed to figure out that it came from my mom. When I confronted her, she almost became giddy. Though she told me she did nothing, she couldn't help but say that God was the one with the real power. It was God that did everything. In other words, "No son, I did not cast a spell on you, it was God."

I got rid of the spell and shielded my mom from casting anymore spells directed at me. I left it open enough that she could cast to her content for and against any other people. It didn't seem far to cut it off completely, especially considering that she was only looking out for my own benefit. (Empathy is of the devil, right? :wink: ) Afterwards, my empathy came back, and I have largely had no problems from her since.

The attempted moral of this story is that Christians cast spells. I would argue that many cast spells on equal level to most pagans that I have met. Be wary when anyone, Christian or otherwise, offers to pray for you. You never know what they see as your best interests, and you are giving them permission to pray you to heaven or hell if they so choose.

Thank you, that is all.
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