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loki lazuul nazuul azuul

A forum where any kind of magic may be discussed, include Theurgy and it's appropriate musings. This is not moderated.
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loki lazuul nazuul azuul

Postby loki » Sun Jan 08, 2017 7:12 am

long ago many deciniums ago i was lazuul nazuul azuul who`s soul was cut to 8 pieces.
in this live i combined my soul and became LOKI LAZUUL NAZUUL AZUUL a sorcerer.
i speak a magical language.
i have sacrificed THE EYE of dormadu to my 3th eye.
dormandu is the power of death.
each sorcerer has a ba, inside your ba your soul lives.
i have sacrificed magical objects and sorcery books to my ba.
i have sacrificed powers to my ba,ka,maa and soul.
i am complete now.
i do black and white magic.
i am new to these forums i want to introduce myself to the others.
i wil chant a few names
nazim aluk shaluka el lorak shorak morak shorak morak open the door of zalar
this is my magic.
i am grandmaster in ancient magic.
often i say a long spell and open a magical door then i claim a relic like a stone or amulet then i give that to my BA where my soul is.
i have a SPIRITUAL ALCHEMIST body becouse my body is full of spells and relics.
zuul and zal are demongods who can kill soul eaters.
the most powerfull soul on earth is attacked by monsters who want my soul.
i use black magic to kill these monsters.
in each body in the graveyard is energy dormandu can make mummy souls from this energy.
the magic of dormandu is death magic.
in other posts i wil clearify myself and my system of magic.
blessed be
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